Abita’s SOS (Save Our Shores) Beer – A Charitable Pilsner

26 Jan

SOS Beer If you have ever wanted to feel good about yourself while drinking beer,   this may be your prime opportunity. Abita’s SOS – A Charitable Pilsner is  part of a program created by Abita (Louisiana’s most recognized beer  producer) and the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board. 75  cents of each bottle sold and 100 percent off merchandise will go to the  SOS fund, which aims to restore Louisiana’s environment and industry  that was destroyed as a result of the BP oil spill.

This unfiltered Weizen Pilsner is  an orange-amber color and gives off  a very slight floral aroma (typical of many Pilsners.) “Weizen” means  wheat beer, which are typically made with malted barley. “Pilsner” means  a pale lager that is generally hoppy, or bitter, in taste as opposed to your  classic pale lagers such Bud Light and Miller Light. SOS is hopped with  German and Stereling Perle hops. Filtering refers to a process the removes  excess ingredients such as tiny pieces of barley that make the beer cloudy  in appearance and may result in sediment at the bottom of the beer. Since  this beer is NOT filtered it is cloudy, such as Blue Moon would be, but lacks sediments. Unfiltered beers are thought to be more nutritious and maintain natural carbonation.

This beer has a slight bite to it upon first sip. It is light and slightly hoppy, leaving no aftertaste. There is a slight fruit taste but not so much that the fruit is identifiable. After the first few sips, after one becomes accustomed to the hops, it is enjoyable. For some reason the carbonation and foam seemed to be perfect, even after sitting out for a little while. It is a true cross between a wheat beer and pilsner, having all the following qualities: slightly bitter, slight floral smell, golden color and light. I would not describe this beer as full-bodied but it is not thin either. It is rich, but not overwhelming.

SOS is 7 percent alcohol (your typical Bud Light is 4.2) and only comes in 22-ounce bottle. It ranges in price from $4 to $5 and can be found at most liquor stores or world markets. Because of the large bottle and high alcohol content, drinking one bottle would be equivalent to drinking about 4 Bud Light bottles, so be aware of this.

For the price, this is a good beer. It’s mild and would be a good starting place for girls that want to try a new beer without running of risk of getting a beer they hate. Don’t judge by first sip, the hops can be striking at first. Maybe consider splitting with someone else. Overall, SOS is a pleasant beer worth a try AND it comes in a really cool bottle.


4 Responses to “Abita’s SOS (Save Our Shores) Beer – A Charitable Pilsner”

  1. Brave New Food January 30, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    I wasn’t sure at first where you were going with “want to feel good about yourself while drinking beer,” haha. Nice post. In the past I’ve been so-so on pilsner, but I’ll give it a second chance! 🙂

  2. etprovost January 31, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    Where in town do you shop for specialty beers? I can’t drink myself, but I have friends who are always looking to try something new.

    • beerforgirls January 31, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

      The best two places to buy craft beers in Gainesville are probably: 1.) Gator beverage and 2.) Wards Supermarket. Some good places to go out that have craft beers like this on tap are The Top and Stubbies & Steins.

      • Ben Markus February 2, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

        Don’t forget Tipple’s Brews. It’s a bit of a trip to get there, but worth it for the selection. Gator-Bev is still the best selection for craft beers, however.


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