Raspberry Brown by Lost Coast Brewery

31 Jan

Raspberry Brown From first taste and smell this beer screams raspberry.

Lost Coast Brewery’s Raspberry Brown is a nut-brown ale with a raspberry infusion. Brown ales are a sub-category of ales and vary in taste but generally are amber to dark brown in color and have a nut or chocolate taste.

“Ale” refers to the brewing process of warm, fast fermentation and top-fermented yeast (yeast that rises to the top as opposed to the bottom, which is characteristic of a lager, but that is a different story.) Ales are generally lightly to excessively hopped, slightly bitter and more robust in taste than lagers. Ales can take on many shapes and forms and there are many exceptions to the general conception of ale, including Raspberry Brown.

This beer is a dark reddish brown color and gives off a fruity aroma. Raspberry Brown is in no way hoppy, which makes it different than most ale. The description on the bottle sums up the taste pretty well: “ A chocolate Brown Ale with the essence of ripe red raspberries, made with malted barley, chocolate and caramel malts, hops, and natural raspberry flavor.” Although the chocolate taste is only slightly detectable and the caramel taste is not detectable at all, the description is pretty much spot on otherwise.

Don’t be deceived by the dark color ladies, this beer is not that robust and not hard to drink. If you don’t like raspberry taste this beer is not for you! Although I would not describe the raspberry taste as overwhelming, it definitely dominates the taste and is not only detectable but also distinctive. It is light in body for being so dark in color. There is a slight tart aftertaste, which is expected in anything raspberry flavored.

Something in my experience I have found with brown ales is less foam and carbonation than other beers. The cream-colored foam was less than the width of a finger and disseminated rather quickly. The carbonation was minimal and this beer goes down smooth. It is like a more delicious Newcastle.

According to Lost Coast Brewery’s website, this beer ranks in at 5.0 percent alcohol, a little more than your typical light lager such as Bud Light. It is considered a craft beer and can be found at some ale houses and in markets that typically carry a lot of craft beers. Lost Coast Brewery is located out of Eureka, California.

This beer is enjoyable and mild and is worth a shot on a rainy day. However, being so sweet, it is hard to drink more than one.


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