Orange Blossom Pilsner – Good Summer Beer But Not Craft Quality(and doesn’t claim to be)

19 Feb

Although, originally I perceived this beer as a craft since I have seen it on draft at places that carry only craft beers and have seen it in a craft festival…I have been mistaken and have had to edit this post.

Thanks owner Tom Moench for the correction and I won’t take into account that you called me a beer nazi.

OBP won the People’s Choice Award at the Tallahassee Beer Festival when I went in 2009. OBP is an okay beer. It is light, crispy and refreshing, it is just nothing special.   I was certainly not jumping up and down signing my “new favorite beer” song or anything.

**Correction. Compared to your typical domestic lager, OBP leaves Bud Light, Miller Light and most other domestic lagers in the dust. Most other beers reviewed on this site cover crafts, which are generally stronger and more full-bodied and much different from OBP.

FYI! Craft beer, refers to a small individually owned beer company, typically producing less than 15,000 barrels, that legitimizes themselves on the quality of their beer and not the marketing/mass quantity sales we see in many companies. Crafts or “microbrews” typically have quality beers that don’t waver in taste for the popular demand. Great craft brew companies include: Oskar Blues, Rogue, Sweetwater, Abita, Cigar City, Lagunitas and Stone.


OBP is a golden-honey color. It is clear has a thin layer of thin foam. The bottle is appealing with a bumblebee buzzing around and a claim to infuse this beer with Florida’s own orange blossom honey.


The first sips of OBP are crisp, refreshing and make you want to go lay out on the beach somewhere. There is a slight orange honey flavor but it is definitely not overwhelming. It’s citrusy but not overly sweet.

It is certainly not void of the classic beer taste you get with Bud or Miller. It is very Blue Moon like, except it is not cloudy and a little less bold. I got distracted at some point and came back to this beer five or 10 minutes later and the beer already seemed to be kind of stale and not 100 percent pleasant. I guess I will conclude that this beer is pretty good if you drink it when it’s really cold. But if you are sipping it and it gets warm you might not be happy with it.


This beer is classified as a Pilsner, a form of light Lagers that are generally hoppy, citrus-like and rich. It is uncharacteristic of Pilsner because it is not very hoppy and certainly not rich, however it is quite citrusy. At 5.5 percent alcohol, OBP is a little higher than your average brew, but not strong enough to worry about.

Final Thoughts

This beer is a better alternative to your average domestic lager, but I would not characterize it as a craft or microbrew. Since it is light and refreshing, drink it in the sun when it’s really cold and don’t let it get warm. Another light refreshing beer that I consider to be a better beer is, Magic Hat #9. Also, this beer is brewed in South Carolina despite its claim to be “Florida’s Honey Beer”, however they will be opening in Orlando this year.

Thanks Tom for the commentary. It’s good to see an owner who cares to defend his home brew.


3 Responses to “Orange Blossom Pilsner – Good Summer Beer But Not Craft Quality(and doesn’t claim to be)”

  1. Tom Moench February 21, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    I make OBP as a entry level craft beer. My target customer is the budmillercoors drinker. It has done wonders at weaning people off the cheap stuff. I’m from Orlando and contract brew OBP in SC. Awkward I know, but I’ve not had much luck contract brewing in state. It has always been my plan to build the brand first and then the brewery. I’m happy to say I’m on track to open in Orlando at the end of ’11. We are not just some marketing company trying to clean up on craft beers success. I have been craft since far before it was cool. I judge at the GABF every year and am quite an accomplished brewer yet I’m going to hire a classically trained brewmaster from Germany. When I homebrewed OBP I saw how “macro drinkers” loved it and felt it might help kick start Floridas slow embrace of quality beer. Anyone that knows me knows I have been a champion for the craft segment for 20+ years. Check out my website. I’m the real deal and so is OBP. OBP just doesn’t get much respect from real beer enthusiasts, until they understand my plan.(novice beer enthusiasts are the toughest on OBP because they think a beer has to knock your socks off with bitterness or alcohol to be good) I hope you understand now.


    “Beer Dork is cool, Beer Nazi is not”

  2. ha! February 21, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    team beer nazi!

    • beerforgirls February 22, 2011 at 12:28 am #

      you.are.awesome. if you ever reveal your true identity ha! I will most certainly buy you a beer 🙂

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