Abita Strawberry Harvest – A Delicious Summer Beer

11 Mar

When I got a text message from an old friend saying, “Abita Strawberry season is here!”, I just about did a backflip in my closet-sized office.

Abita Strawberry Harvest is a delicious summer beer and one that I have been recommending to people for years. It always comes out in a time when the weather is perfect and summer is on the horizon.

I first tried this beer years ago when a beer distributor brought this to the bar I was working at and I was very skeptical. Beer and strawberries? ..not a likely combo but I was wrong, it was indeed delicious.

A lot of fruit beers are overwhelming with fruit to the point where the beer is not even enjoyable. Other beers just incorporate a fruit taste to cover up crappy beer. Abita Strawberry is neither.


Only brewed in bottle, this beer is a light golden color. It’s clear, no sediment, foam and carbonation are normal.


Abita Strawberry is crisp, light and refreshing. You can definitely identify a strawberry taste but, again it is not overwhelming. I could easily drink two, three or six of these.

I made my dark beer-loving, fruit beer-hating roommate try this and she agreed that it was “pretty good.” I have never heard her say anything close to that about a fruit beer before.

It has no bitterness (which is shouldn’t) and you can pick up on the malt taste.

For a lager, this beer has a lot of flavor. It goes down smooth, no aftertaste, no complaints. I have seen more guys than girls order this beer and let me tell you, if multiple guys can risk their masculinity to order a fruity beer in front of their friends, it has to be good.

I have been to New Orleans six times in my life and this beer embraces Louisiana way of life. It makes you want to sit back on your porch, drink a beer, jam out to some tunes, laugh with good friends and unwind.

Although I am typically drawn to pale ales, this is one of my favorite beers.


Abita Strawberry is a wheat beer that is brewed with real Louisiana-grown strawberries, picked at the end of the season for optimal sweetness. No artificial flavors, ingredients or other bullcrap – it’s the real deal.

Due to the great response, Abita is forced to up its production every year.

It weighs in at 4.2 percent alcohol and has 128 calories a bottle (that’s about the best you will get for a good tasting beer).

This year, Abita Strawberry became available 2/22 and will last only a few months.

Abita is an admirable craft company that holds true to their promise of producing good beer and does not sell out on taste for profit. Thir brewery is in a super-cute small town 30 miles north of New Orleans. Abita is one of my favorite brands of beer.

Abita has a handy dandy location tool, you can type in your location and which beer you want to find and it will show you all the places that buy from them. Here’s the link.

Other Yummy Abita beers:

Restoration Ale (benefits Katrina damage)

SOS Pilsner (benefits oil spill damage)


Purple Haze

Abbey Ale

My advice

Get a bucket, ice, friends, bonfire, Strawberry Abita, maybe grill out, crank up some Allman Brothers/Steve Miller Band, (or below video), and enjoy life and the beautiful weather for an evening while this beer lasts. You will thank me later!


5 Responses to “Abita Strawberry Harvest – A Delicious Summer Beer”

  1. yum yum March 11, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    sounds delicious! where can i get some in New Haven?

    • beerforgirls March 11, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

      Hmmm, New Haven may be difficult, I will have to save from for you. P.S. Someone broke into my friends car in New Haven yesterday with a bullet, not a gun…I guess the guy ran out of guns and just threw bullets by hand at the car until the window broke. How typical. Knew you would like that news. Watch the jeeper!

      • yum yum March 12, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

        definitely save some! I’ll keep my eyes open from flying bullets!

  2. Jake March 29, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    Is that a Marley in the background? Anyways there is a lot of great stuff coming out of Colorado right now that should be looked into

    • beerforgirls March 30, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

      Yes, that is Marles chilling in the lawnchair. Any suggestions of Cali beer?

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