10 Reasons why I love Bell’s Two Hearted IPA

5 Apr

Once upon a time, a foam heart appeared in my Bell’s Two-Hearted IPA when I was on a first date with a new boy. It was like a sign from above he was “the one”.

We are now happily married with two kids, an array of adopted pets and a hybrid mini van.

Just kidding.

He was lame.

And he had horrible taste in beer.

Beer gods, you’ve deceived me again.

Bell’s Two-Hearted is my favorite beer and has been for a hot minute. And unfortunately I now associate it with this lame date/beer heart deal.

But regardless, this is a great beer, you should try it, especially if you love IPA’s like me.

10 reasons why I love this beer.

  1. Brewed in Kalamazoo, MI. Lets face it, Kalamazoo is fun to say. Kalamazoo. Kal-ah-mah-zooo.
  2. Hints of tropical fruit and citrus. Most IPA’s have a fruit flavor, but this is different tasting and very distinctive. I detect maybe mango, grapefruit or/and passion fruit flavor.
  3. Intensely hoppy. Like a frog wearing moon shoes.
  4. Perfect aroma. Sweet, floral and fruity smelling. If I could bottle it and wear it as perfume…ok I won’t go that far.
  5. Beautiful color. It has a golden copper hue, and not opague, but a little cloudy. This beer just looks delicious.
  6. 7% ABV. ‘Nuff said.
  7. It has a bite. This isn’t your mama’s watered-down holiday punch – unless your mom is a complete bad ass. It is quite bitter and very hoppy which most definitely gives it a kick. Truck through the first few sips and you will adjust to it .
  8. Well balanced. Sweet malts and grapefruit flavors up front, a piney taste and distinctive hops. Overall, delicious.
  9. Started brewing out of a 15-gallon soup kettle, now a regionally known craft brew company. Legit.
  10. Good carbonation, good foam. Not flat, bubbly and overall fresh tasting.

Put a couple of these bad boys in your fridge and impress your friends.

Did I mention this is my favorite beer?


2 Responses to “10 Reasons why I love Bell’s Two Hearted IPA”

  1. Afrobutterfly April 6, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    Fun fact: Kalamazoo has the highest marriage success rate in the country. Experts credit the beer.

    True story.

    But not really. Nice post.

  2. beerforgirls April 6, 2011 at 8:20 pm #

    Wow, actually believed you for a second. It makes sense – what else is there to do in Michigan except get married and make beer?

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