Fresh hops and black IPAs: Two trends you should keep an eye on

22 Jan

Well well well, It’s been a hot minute!

Sorry for the delay in posts, I have been busy with my other blog (which I am doing as a thesis project).

Anyways, I am taking a break from that today to talk about a few beer trends that are currently rocking my world.

I have a constant predicament every time I go to work try new beers on my own time. Do I go dark beer or do I go hoppy beer? Now after I wrote this I immediately thought of a bunch of nifty twitter trends: #beersnobproblems #firstworldproblems #gradschoolproblems … but this a problem that plagues me every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. But I have found a solution…Black IPAs! Here you have the best of both worlds, with a creamy rich texture paired with the bitter hoppy flavor that is true to IPAs. Although I am on the lookout for more, the only one I have tried thus far is the Terrapin Capt. Krunkles IPA, which I like because their logo is a cute turtle, and also because they have lots of good beers. And while I think this is a discontinued side project, I am sure there are other good ones out there. Beware: since this is such a strong, intense beer, anything you drink after this may taste like Natural Light.

Cute turtle

Cuter Turtles

The second trend I have become slightly obsessed with is fresh-hopped beer (mmmmmm!). Now, if you have ever cooked a decent meal in your life, you know the difference in taste between dried spices and fresh spices. This is sort of the same premises. Terrapin uses “wet” hops, which means they are freshly picked and unprocessed. Apparently, they fly in their hops overnight from Washington State – INTENSE! And while this beer sort of has a grassy flavor, I enjoyed it. It was herby, earthy and fresh tasting.Oh yeah, it’s also strong as shit (6.7%) and definitely worth a try in you are looking for something different.


3 Responses to “Fresh hops and black IPAs: Two trends you should keep an eye on”

  1. Afrobutterfly January 22, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

    Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise! My favorite blog — back at it! In celebration, I’m cracking open a Terrapin Hop Karma, which, while obviously not black, is dark and creamy and still hoppier than a caffeinated Yellow Menace (see what I did there?). I think the official name is a “brown IPA,” and, like every other Terrapin I’ve ever had, is super tasty (if a little under carbonated for my liking). If you’re in the G-Ville area, check the Publix on Archer in the Target shopping center. They’re selling sixers on clearance for 9 bucks.

  2. hoppy January 22, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    love that this blog is back!!

  3. Michelle January 22, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    oh, look who it is! My favorite commenter: the afrobutterfly himself. Hey is this Jacory Harris? I’ve been meaning to ask that.

    Didn’t you have a black IPA somewhere recently?

    I have been meaning to try to brown IPA, let me know how it is.

    Also, bahaha on that Yellow Menace comment

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