Scandinavian Beer Mitt and other generalizations about northern Europe

23 Jan

Check out this weird mitt! 


It is a Scandinavian beer holder, made from Sheep hair, that functions to keep your hands warm while drinking beer. It’s available in two colors: brown or gray. It appeared in my email inbox and I was seriously tempted. I can’t decide if I think it is cute or hideous. Also, I live in Florida so I could not rationalize buying this thing, as it would probably just make my hand really sweaty. But nevertheless, I though it was appropriate to share on here and also to showcase the other things I know about the Scandinavian region that are probably culturally insensitive and mostly true. Here it goes:

1. Everyone wears these weird mitts to drink beer.

2. Everyone has blond hair and speaks in funny accents.

3. IKEA’s are everywhere

3. People eat swedish meatballs for all 3 meals.

4. And also they eat Swedish Fish for dessert.

5. Saunas are to Scandinavia as air conditioning is to Florida

6. Lots of skinny dipping

7. Everyone loves pickled herring

8. Favorite colors range from brown to gray.

9. Weather ranges from brown to gray.

10. And they also all have a deep appreciation for the sheep that provide wool for their beer mitts.

Check out this guy thanking his sheep for making his beer mitt possible:


This beer mitt is available for 2 more days and while they don’t endorse me, I am hoping they will see this and send me a free mitt (in gray)…(but I’d take brown too) for my lovely depiction of Scandinavia and this mitt.


2 Responses to “Scandinavian Beer Mitt and other generalizations about northern Europe”

  1. hoppy January 23, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

    love this!!

  2. Afrobutterfly January 24, 2012 at 1:36 am #

    Sorry, can’t read this post. Too busy using my army knife to prep Swedish fish and meatballs for dinner with my wife Gretchen. Maybe when I’m done coding my own website in drupal, playing golf under the midnight sun, praying to Thor and taking NO sides in a political debate with my German cousin… maybe then, just maybe, I’ll read your totally inaccurate post.


    Rando Scando

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