Beer Dos and Don’ts!

5 Jul

no, no, no, NO

DON’T use your babies stroller to push your crappy beer around – not okay…ever!

DO use classier carrying mechanisms like those giant purses you have laying around or reusable grocery bags.

DONT play flip cup, beer pong or any beer games with craft beer – This substance is too delectable and expensive to be splashed around in your mom’s basement.

DO play beer pong with Betty white if you ever get the chance. She’s my old person idol.

DONT drink dark beer when it is blazing hot outside. Think Will Ferrell in Anchorman “Milk was a bad choice!” It’s the same principal… something heavy, creamy and dark sitting in your stomach may lead to instant nausea.

DO try a tasty light beer in portable cans (think Mama’s Little Yella Pils)

“Old Rasputin was a bad idea”

DO combine wearing flannel with craft beer. It’s a total trend in the beer bars… even Charlize Theron is doing it..

DONT Use a koozie. If you can’t finish that before it goes warm, I hate your face and you need to reevaluate yourself as person.


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