Hello and Welcome to my Beer for Girls Blog. This blog is dedicated to helping girls get out there and try new and delicious beers. It’s time to put down your Michelob Ultra and Vodka Tonics and expand your palate.

After working as a bartender for the past 5 years I can say I have not had too many girls come along who are knowledgeable about beers or even willing to try new beers. Working in the bar industry, going to beer festivals, traveling and trying new beers when I am out has led me to have a pretty good knowledge of many beers.

By doing reviews of different beers, I hope to share my knowledge of beers and hopefully lead others to try them. Also, getting to know the terminology and what you like will lead you to ordering and trying new beers when you are out.




Contact info:

Email: shell5656@hotmail.com


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